Dr. Adam Hebert 2018 Health Care Hero

Weight Loss Consultant Adam HebertLooking at his family history, one can’t help but wonder if Adam Hebert becoming a doctor who favors natural healing approaches was a decision, or destiny.

The New Iberia native explained that growing up, “I was fascinated with the body’s ability to heal naturally. I wanted to become an expert on helping people get well naturally by focusing on physiology and biomechanics.”

Part of that inspiration likely came from his grandmother who was a traiteur, or Cajun faith healer. Traiteurs, who were once common in South Louisiana, use prayer as the basis of their spiritual healing.

Hebert’s father, Warren P. Hebert Jr., also chose a medical career path. He has a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and is an associate professor at Loyola. Hebert recalls that as a child, the family regularly received two magazines – Prevention Magazine and a hunting magazine.

So, it really didn’t come as a surprise when Hebert decided he wanted to find a way to help people overcome their illnesses using natural and spiritual healing techniques. “It has always been a passion of mine,” he said.

Since his father is a nurse, Hebert considered that profession first. Then he looked at physical therapy. But when he looked at chiropractic, something clicked and he realized that was the best fit. “It helped fill the whole circle,” he explained.

Hebert earned his undergraduate degree at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches in 2004 and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Dallas. Along the way he married a Pineville native, Melissa, which ultimately led to his decision to open his clinic, Cenla Chiropractic & Wellness, on Highway 28 East in Pineville. He also has three children, Eli, Lucy and Sam.

In addition to treating traditional chiropractic ailments such as joint pain and neuropathy, Hebert also specializes in weight loss treatments. “It all still falls under what we learn as chiropractors,” he noted.

Along with the natural approach to healing favored by his grandmother, Hebert also brings a spiritual element to his practice. He is an active member of Calvary Baptist Church in Alexandria and Christian music can be heard in the waiting room and Hebert said he often will pray with patients.

“My office is my mission field,” he explained. “Healing doesn’t come from me, it comes from God.”

Hebert’s approach clearly resonates with his patients, who regularly leave testimonial notes on a chalkboard in his waiting room. Hebert received the most nominations for this year’s overall Health Care Hero, and patients were quick to note his caring, compassionate approach to treatment.

“He is about helping his patients and seeing that their needs are taken care of and is there to assist with their health and well being. He makes you feel like not just a patient, but family,” noted one. “His concern for his patients is first and foremost as well as taking care of them and getting them well to where they can live without pain,” said another.
“I was surprised and humbled,” Hebert said of learning he was selected by Town Talk readers as the 2018 overall Health Care Hero. “I work very hard to provide for patients and give them the best.”

Hebert said he was appreciative of receiving the “pat on the back” from readers. “Getting that extra pat on the back gives us energy to keep going,” he said. “I am blessed to be honored, but there are so many others in the area who deserve this,” Hebert said. “They are working just as hard as I am.”

Hebert also sees the award as validation of the importance of natural healing services. “This makes me realize even more how much of a need there is for people who provide these alternatives.”

Hebert has been practicing locally for the past 11 years and looks forward to continuing to work with patients to achieve their health care goals. “Each patient deserves to be treated as an equal,” Hebert said. “I truly care about them – that’s what we’re supposed to do.”