Weight Loss Before and After

Dennis lost 46 pounds under 2 months.

Weight Loss Before and After

Tammy lost 60 pounds and 52 inches and was able to reduce her blood pressure medicine.

Weight Loss Before and After

Judy lost 62 pounds and 41 inches.

Weight Loss Before and After

Elizabeth lost 6 pounds in 1 week.

Weight Loss Before and After

Irma lost 22 pounds.

"I have just started with Dr. Hebert’s office and very pleased with how things are going. At only one week in I have already lost 9 lbs and 4 ½ inches.  I am so happy!"

- Alana Gibbs

Weight Loss Testimonial"I knew I needed to do something when my shortness of breath started to interfere with my work and In just 3 short weeks I am down 30 lbs, its great!  I don’t get so short of breath when trying to do the simplest of things.  This program has not only effected my weight but also my energy, my overall health and my outlook on life."

- Richard Slaughter




Weight Loss Testimonial"I’m down 10 lbs and 9 inches and still going.  After trying so many things to lose weight I am so excited to finally find something that works."

- Lacy Bonnette